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Braking, Suspension and Steering Auto Parts

Keep your car on the road, in good and safe running order, with quality products from Repco's under-car auto parts range.

Braking pads, shoes and discs to ensure safe braking always

The brakes are one of the most important systems on a car, for safety and comfort! While worn braking components adversely affect your ability to stop in time (especially in emergencies) they can also create very irritating vibration, squealing and squeaking that makes driving an uncomfortable experience.
You may have a problem with your brakes if your car shudders, you hear squealing or squeaking noises, your brake pedal feels spongy or your car veers to one side while applying the brakes.

Repco stocks a wide range of not only Brake Pads and Shoes, but Rotors, Master and Slave Cylinders, Wheel Cylinders, Brake Hoses and Calliper Overhaul Kits. We can also provide specialist product like Slotted Sports Rotors, Performance Brake Pads all the way up to Multi-Piston Big-Brake upgrade kits.

Your brakes should be inspected regularly, and if you have any concerns get your brakes checked! Repco recommend using a qualified mechanic for all work on your brakes. If you wish to complete the job yourself, Repco stock all the tools required such as socket sets and spanners, jacks, axle stands, brake bleeders and piston retracting tools.


Image of vehicle disc brake rotor

Driveline parts and equipment to keep your vehicle running smoothly

Repco stocks wheel bearing kits for the trailer or car and CV joints to get your vehicle through its warrant. Repco also have clutch Kits to suit every day driving, off-roading and even track racing. Automatic Transmission Filters, Universal joints, centre hanger bearings and differential overhaul kits are also available at Repco. A high quality clutch kit can reduce vehicle vibrations that occur when your vehicle is stable. Changing filters and fluids can improve the output your automatic transmission.  When it comes to driveline Repco have you covered.


A wide range of exhaust systems for every type of vehicle

Repco can provide anything from a basic universal muffler, hot-dog style resonator, to a full bolt-on system (we do the gaskets too). Improving your cars exhaust can reduce fumes and improve the sound that comes from your vehicle. Repco can supply donuts, combi-bends, collectors, straight pipe for you to tinker with custom systems. Repco also have performance exhaust mufflers in various sizes.



Suspension products to ensure a safe ride every time

It is important that your suspension is in good condition so that your vehicle stops when you need it to. Unfortunately suspension is probably the most neglected part of a car as far as maintenance and servicing is concerned.

Repco stocks Monroe, one of the most recognised and respected shock absorber brands in the world. A huge number of vehicles on the road have Monroe built in as standard equipment.  They produce a wide range of products, from original-spec right through to the premium comfort and ride of GT Reflex. They also produce specialist heavy-duty shocks for vans, 4WD and trucks. Repco predominantly stocks TRW suspension components. TRW has a huge catalogue of European and Asian original quality replacement parts, and they carry several patents in grease formulation and plastics production so you know you are getting a leading product. Repco stock Nolathane branded urethane replacement bushes for suspension systems. These urethane bushes are stronger, longer lasting and maintain shape better than the rubber bushes used as standard on most vehicles. This can result in much better handling, more comfortable ride, and longer life of all suspension components.



Steering components to help you stay on track

Repco carries a wide range of steering components, including Steering Rack Ends and Rack Boots (both power and manual steer), inner and outer Tie Rod Ends, Idler Arms, Pitman Arms and Steering Dampers. Worn or ailing parts in your steering system can result in poor tracking, loss of cornering ability and uneven tyre wear, and at worst case, the loss of the ability to turn.