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Under Bonnet

Auto Spare Parts - more parts for more cars in-stock

Repco, number one in New Zealand for auto spare parts, has more parts for more cars in-stock.  Repco's auto spare parts ranges includes leading iconic brands such as Gates, Ryco, ACL and GMB. We have an extensive electronic catalogue of auto spare parts, written in New Zealand, for New Zealand cars.  Ask our friendly staff instore to help you select the right part, first time.   



Top of the line engine management components

Repco has the engine components to suit your needs including: engine bearings, pistons, lifters, timing, mounts and frost plugs. 


Engine Parts

Timing Kits

Most engines these days have a timing belt as a means of driving the valves. Gates is our preferred brand because they have the largest range in New Zealand, original equipment quality, accurate New Zealand cataloguing as well as speciality race belts.

Cam belts should be replaced around every 100,000km. At the same time the tensioners, oil seals and water pump are also normally replaced. This is not a small or cheap exercise and is not for the faint hearted; however, a cam belt failure normally results in a very expensive repair bill. If in doubt, have it replaced.  Gates timing belts come with a warranty that meets or exceeds the warranty that was with the car when it was sold new.


 Image of vehicle timing belt

Cooling system components

Radiators, Radiator Hoses and Radiator Caps 

Repco stocks an extensive range of original equipment quality radiators and hoses for New Zealand vehicles.

Radiator hoses should be checked visually at least every six months. A good idea is to visually check for any cracking or leaks before you take your car for a WOF. Other parts that you may need when replacing a hose could include: hose clips, coolant and suitable screwdriver or pliers to remove hose clips. Repco also stocks MacKay moulded radiator hoses.

Repco also has Tridon radiator caps that keep the coolant at a constant pressure which helps to lift the boiling point of the coolant in the system, making the engine less susceptible to overheating.


Image of radiator hose


Repco has Tridon thermostats. These are also critical for efficient cooling of a car engine. The thermostat helps to bring the coolant up to optimum temperature as soon as possible which allows the engine to run more efficiently and ‘cleaner' a lot sooner. Any sudden change in the reading of the temperature gauge should be investigated immediately as serious damage occurs through overheating. Often this is best checked by a professional.   


Image of vehicle thermostat

Water Pumps

GMB is the brand of choice for water pumps for three reasons: GMB has the biggest range in New Zealand; original equipment quality and accurate New Zealand cataloguing.

Water pumps often become noisy prior to failure or develop a leak that you may find hard to find. If you have any doubts about the water pump on your car, have it checked by a professional. Failure of a water pump often leads to very expensive damage.

Never attempt to check or work on your car's coolant system until it has had plenty of time to cool. Failure to do so can lead to serious burns.


Image of vehicle water pump

Drive (Fan) Belts

Gates is the world's leading supplier of original equipment and aftermarket drive belts. Gates has the biggest range in New Zealand, original equipment quality, accurate New Zealand cataloguing and speciality race and commercial belts.

While checking radiator hoses, it is essential to check drive belts for signs of wear or cracking. Normally, as a belt ages small cracks will appear where the belt connects to the drive pulleys. This is telling you that it is time to change those old belts for new ones. Modern engines run at much higher revs and with much higher under bonnet temperatures. Coupled with this, the demands placed on the electrical system (that the belt drives) means that you should only replace with the very best quality belts. Repco can identify and supply the correct belts for your car. A reasonable socket set and large screwdriver is all you normally need to carry out this maintenance should you choose to do it yourself.



Repco has an exclusive range of high quality house brand filtration products including oil, air and fuel filters.   All Repco filters meet or exceed original equipment manufacturer's performance specifications.  In addition to the Repco filtration range, a great selection of Ryco branded filters is also available in-store.

Efficient filtration systems (whether oil, air or fuel) will prolong the life of your engine by trapping unwanted particulates, ensuring they do not make it into your engine.

Oil filters should be changed at manufacturer's specifications, or at a maximum of 10,000km. Fuel filters should be changed at manufacturer's specifications or a maximum of 40,000km.
Air filters should be inspected with every oil filter service and replaced when necessary.



Fuel System Components

Repco has mechanical and EFI fuel pumps, tank caps, emission control, EFI fuel hose and ducting available.

 Image of Fuel Pump