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Performance enhancing products for your car

Repco has all the essentials for in-car styling for both the interior and exterior of your car, including performance meters, neon, steering wheels, gear knobs, pedals, intercoolers, filters, gauges, seats, turbo timers, mesh and mufflers.

Repco stock a wide range of performance accessories from Blow Off Valves for your turbo powered vehicle to tint for the everyday car. At Repco we have access to some well known brands that are synonymous with performance such as, Turbosmart, K&N, Momo, HKS, Apexi, Tomei, NGK, Autometer & Racepro.

Repco also has performance exhaust, clutch, braking, steering and suspension.



Braking products including pads, shoes and complete kits

Repco stock a wide range of braking-performance products from simple brake pad upgrades to full kits. Braking upgrades can be important for many reasons. If you do lots of long distance travel or tow a heavy object you may want to look at Znoelli slotted rotors. The slot while increasing grip also helps to prepare the surface of the brake-pad by wiping off dirt, and also provides a channel for water and built up gasses to escape through. Off-Road Vehicles can also benefit. Znoelli make a specialist wide-slotted 4WD rotor, the wider slot allowing better exit of dirt and other detritus that gets into brake systems off-road.

Repco can also cater for the track-day enthusiast, offering D2 Big Brake upgrade kits. There is a D2 kit available for many popular performance vehicles, featuring two massive rotors and 2 multiple-piston heavy duty Callipers.



High performance clutches  

Repco stock Clutch Industries RPM Clutch Kits that can drastically improve your shift feel. There are four options for different plates to customise how sharp you want your clutch to kick in, from organic sprung centre for best drivability to rigid ceramic button plates that are either on or off. If you need even more performance from your clutch, Clutch Industries can tailor a track specific clutch kit in anywhere up to quad plate!

Repco can also provide lightened flywheels from Fidanza. A great complement to a performance clutch kit, a lighter flywheel can improve usable horsepower, as it takes less energy to turn. Installing a performance clutch in your car is a perfect opportunity to upgrade the flywheel, as the clutch and gearbox will already be out of the car.

Repco can also provide short-shifter units from D2 for many popular performance cars.


A great select of Turbo Timers

Repco has a large selection of digital turbo timers that have been specifically designed to protect the engine turbo unit. Overheating is the major reason for turbo failure. Turbo timers prevent damage by allowing the motor to run for a predetermined time after turning the ignition key off, allowing the motor to cool to a safe temperature



Blow-Off Valves

Improve the performance and style of your vehicle. Repco is the one-stop-store for blow-off valves, with a great range in price and value to choose from. If you want the flared trumpet port, so you can be heard at every gear change, come to Repco. Repco has blow-off valves to suit lower or entry level boost applications




Repco has a range of performance car seats including brands such as Racepro and Momo. All seats have 3,4,5,6 point harnesses capability and come in different sizes that fit specifically to your car.




Look to Repco for digital units when you need an eye catching visual reference and an exact numeric reading. Repco stocks a range of bright, LED lit, digital gauges that use microprocessor controlled displays for the ultimate in precise, high-tech readings. When you’re ready to put the best instrumentation available in your vehicle, Repco can accommodate a variety of configurations and sizes for many vehicle applications.


Steering and Suspension

There are many ways to tweak and improve suspension performance. Something as simple and relatively inexpensive as replacing the rubber bushings with urethane equivalents can make a dramatic improvement. Repco also stock Whiteline suspension upgrade kits. They range many popular components like strut braces, adjustable camber and caster rods, springs and sway-bar links.

Repco stock Cobra replacement springs, which can give your vehicle a more aggressive stance. Cobra springs are available in super-low, low, normal and raised for most vehicles. These springs that are carefully made to ensure that your car still rides at a legal height. Repco can also supply lowering blocks for vehicles with leaf springs.



Steering Wheels

Repco has a number of steering wheels and horn pads that will enhance the interior of your car. Repco has many different styles to complement your gear knob and other car accessories.


Tuning Pedal Pads

Add some style to your vehicle with tuning pedal pads. Repco’s range of quality pedal pads can fit to existing pedals and includes easy-to-follow fitting instructions. Come into Repco and give your vehicle maximum class and style.



Repco stock anything from a stainless steel big-bore exhaust tip to a full bolt together system from headers all the way back. Repco can offer Stage4 Stainless Steel Muffler/Tips, Resonators, Headers and Extractors, and all the parts required to custom build any type of exhaust system. Your exhaust system can strongly influence your cars performance; make sure you have a high quality exhaust in your vehicle.