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Oils & Additives

Maintain and protect your car's engine with our wide range of engine oils.

Repco is your destination for Quality Oils.

We stock the best in oil brands with a comprehensive range of synthetic, semi-synthetic and mineral engine oils from Repco, Penrite, Castrol, Valvoline, Mobil, Nulon and Shell. Our wide range caters for all vehicles from high performance to the family car for petrol and diesel applications. We also range oils for your outboard, motorcycle and small engine applications as well as a great range of gearbox and transmission fluids.

Summer temperatures, stop start traffic and air conditioning can place high demands on your vehicle’s cooling system. To ensure your car is properly protected you need the right coolant for your vehicle. Repco stock a comprehensive range of Anti Freeze/Anti Boil Coolants, corrosion inhibitors and cooling system additives to ensure that your car will be protected this summer.

We also stock a great range of engine oil and fuel system additives including Oil Flush, Injector Cleaners, Stop Smoke, Stop Leak, Lead Substitutes and Octane Boosters.



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