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Lighting & Electrical

Quality Range of Lights, Globes and Car Electrics for your Vehicle

Repco has an extensive range of lighting and electrical products including globes, lamps and fuses. Repco stocks Philips halogen and incandescent globes (Philips is one of the largest manufacturers in the world of OE manufactured globes). Our range also includes torches, spotlights, dry cell batteries, as well as general sealed and semi-sealed headlamp units.



Car Light Globes and Lamps

Repco has a great range of globes and lamps for all types of vehicles including trucks.    Globes to suit your vehicle's interior lights, headlights as well as tail lights. The range of Narva electrical products also includes side markers, licence plate, trailer lamps and LED lighting products. The range includes halogen and incandescent globes.  Repco also stocks various driving and fog light kits, ideal for your next 4WD adventure.

Repco also stocks an extensive range of performance enhancing ‘upgrades' for driving lights. These include the Narva range of Plus50 and Arctic Blue and the Philips range of Visionplus and Bluevision halogen globes.




Spotlights and Torches for home or away purposes

Spotlights are great to use when exploring the outdoors, on fishing or camping expeditions or to keep in the car in case of a roadside emergency. Repco has a comprehensive range including Narva and Maxi light spotlights. Many of the spotlights in-store are also rechargeable and will operate from your car's cigarette lighter outlet.  Repco also stocks smaller battery operated and wind-up torches, lanterns and inspection lights from quality brands such as Eveready. Ideal for working around the workshop or travel/touring and outdoor pursuits.


Ignition products

Repco has a wide range of ignition products to suit most applications.  Repco carries spark plugs, glow plugs, ignition modules, ignition coils, ignition leads as well as distributor components.

Repco carries some of the world's leading brands when it comes to ignition components such as: NGK spark plugs, Champion spark plugs and ignition leads as well as a range of Bosch distributor components.


Image of vehicle ignition products


Electrical Accessories and Components

Repco carries a wide range of cable, terminals, trailer accessories, fuses, driving lamps, work lamps and emergency lighting. Electrical cable, connectors and speciality tools are also available. Repco is the place to go for switches, flashers, relays, horns, truck and trailer lighting, trailer connectors, power accessory plugs and sockets.



Sealed Beams

Repco has a good range of quality sealed beams to suit most applications from 4 to 7 inches. Repco's range includes popular round and rectangular units in both single and double filament. Repco also stocks semi-sealed beams to accept your choice of halogen globe for a wide range of applications.



Starters and Alternators

Repco carries the OEX brand of starters and alternators to suit a wide range of passenger, 4WD, light commercial and commercial vehicles. OEX units are sourced from some of the world's leading manufacturers such as Bosch, Delco and Nippon Denso to ensure the quality of the starters and alternators we supply.

These high quality products come with an outstanding guarantee:
* 3-year 75,000km guarantee on new passenger vehicle units 
* 2-year 50,000km guarantee on rebuilt passenger vehicle units

Suppliers of the OEX Enduro range are constantly challenged with delivering greater performance than O.E. specifications, whilst also broadening their range to support the diverse vehicle applications which are constantly changing the vehicle landscape. If your car has starting or charging problems make sure you talk to one of our experienced staff at your local Repco store.

Image of vehicle alternator