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In-Car Audio, Stereo and Speaker Systems for great entertainment

Repco is New Zealand's number one car audio retailer. Repco offers a great range of car audio with brands Sony, Pioneer, Fusion, Kenwood, and Viberant. Try before you buy – all our stores have a large number of demonstration models.



Head Units for your entertainment system with CD, iPod and more

Take your music collection on the road with our range of CD head units.  Repco stock major brand names such as Sony, Pioneer, Fusion and Kenwood. Take your iPod with you too!  Repco have a great range of iPod compatible head units available. Come on in and plug it in!


Top of the line speaker systems

Installing new speakers is the single most cost-effective improvement you can make to your vehicle's sound system. Repco carries car speakers of nearly every size, shape, and type.

We have all the leading brands in store waiting for you to come and turn them up!


Amplifiers to take your in-car entertainment system to the next level

Make sure you get the most out your car sound system with an amplifier from our great range of leading brands including Sony, Pioneer, Fusion and Kenwood. The right amplifier will help give your sound system the power it needs to produce distortion free sound.  Select from our great range of mono, two and four-channel amplifiers.


Subwoofers - to give your sounds the added depth you want

The final addition to your ultimate sound experience is your subwoofer/s.
Whether you’re a bass enthusiast or someone who simply wants to add more depth to your latest CD, Repco has a great range of subwoofers to suit your listening style with sizes ranging from 8” shallow mounts to 15” Heavy Duty Subwoofers.  

In most cases we have a MDF constructed sub box ready to go to suit your subwoofer.



Stereo Installation Accessories

Repco has everything you need to install your own sound system.  Wiring harnesses are a must when installing a new head unit.  These adapters take the mess out of installation of car stereos. Simply unplug your old head unit and fit the harness for your specific vehicle and the harness for your head unit brand and you're done. Installation Brands include: Raptor, Dynamat and Audio Logic.

Repco recommends Dynamat for preventing road noise and vibration in your car. Dynamat creates a ‘sonic barrier’ for your car stereo so you can only hear the sounds you want to hear.