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Car Exterior

NZ's Widest Range of Products for Your Car's Exterior Maintenance and Repair

Repco has a great range of vehicle covers to suit many vehicle types, from motorbikes to 4WD covers.  These products come in various materials with different levels of protection.

Repco has something for every part of your car's exterior.

Repco have a great range of windscreen wipers and refills in various different colours and styles.  Repco also stock number plate protectors, headlight and bonnet protectors.



Car Covers to protect your vehicle

Repco's top quality car covers keep your vehicle clean and protect its finish from harmful UV rays, minor dings and scratches. Repco carries an extensive range to suit a wide range of car sizes.  Maintaining and caring for your car cover is also important. Proper use and care can prolong the life of your cover, as well as prevent it from harming your car.  Repco recommends following all car cover care instructions (enclosed in the packaging) to maintain the effectiveness of your car cover.


Image of vehicle with car cover


Wipers for clear windscreen vision

Repco has an extensive range of wiper refills and blades for the front and rear of your car. As every car requires different sizes, our staff can advise on the required fit for your car when replacements are called for.  Repco recommends changing both wipers every six months as the rubber can deteriorate due to pollution, harmful UV rays and chemicals. You can choose to change the entire blade or just the refill, both of which are readily available at Repco.
Signs that your wipers need changing include uneven/streaky wipe, worn rubber/cracked rubber, and disfigured wiper arms. All of these conditions can lead to severely impaired driving vision.


Image of vehicle wiper blade refills


Tints to prevent interior fading and overheating

Give your air conditioning a rest; tint your windows instead and save fuel.  When you tint your windows you will help save your interior and skin from harmful UV damage.  Tints are also great for extra safety, security and privacy.  They reduce the overall temperature of your car and glare.  Window tints are available in 5%, 15% and 35% penetration levels as well as in fade-shade tint strips for the top of your windshield.


Panel Beating products to bring your exterior back to new

Repco has an excellent range to equip your workshop/garage. If you want to do it yourself, let Repco help with our comprehensive range of panel repair products and paint.


Body Repair – The 3-step process.

The repair process is broken down into three basic steps (preparation, repair and paint). Repco recommends following the K & H surface technologies 3 step system so you can repair and paint your vehicle to a professional standard every time.

1. Prepare

For any car repairs, the right preparation is crucial as it lays the foundation for repairs.  There is a range of products for rust and car paint repair, rust proofing and re-spraying for both body and bumper.

2. Repair

This step requires the most skill.  It is important you have everything you need to complete the dent repair job before painting.  Repco Paint & Body Repair has a range of body fillers, putties and primers specific for the job plus a whole range of repair accessories to make the job easier.

3. Finish

Whether you are painting or coating, the finishing step makes or breaks the repair.  There is a great selection of paint colours available in the Repco "Finish" range of products.  If you are colour matching check the vehicle's paint code (usually found under the bonnet or door jamb or in your car manual).